Hi-tech Waters

One of the most important fields of application of ozone is in water treatment. The purification of water with ozone has been used for more than a century and thousands of facilities can be counted for this purpose, being the countries with the greatest profusion: France, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland. In addition, there are facilities in full activity in the most important cities in the world: Moscow, Amsterdam, Montreal, Berlin, Turin, Florence, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, etc.

FreeVirusWaters is ideal for the treatment of water in water treatment plants, swimming pools and, ultimately, in all types of drinking water, since it enriches the water with oxygen and confers an organoleptic improvement to it, at no time presenting overload problems when it is transformed into oxygen.

In Directive 2003/140 / EC of the European Commission, the only substance that is allowed to be used with mineral water is ozone.

The main applications within drinking water treatment are:

  • Inactivation of bacteria and viruses.
  • Improvement of the organoleptic characteristics of the water. (Elimination of color, odor and taste)
  • Elimination of algae.
  • Oxidation of organic matter such as detergents, phenols, pesticides, etc.
  • Oxidation of iron and manganese, converting them into hydrates that are easily removable by filtration or decantation.
  • Cyanide oxidation.
  • Elimination of ammonia and nitrites.
  • Elimination of suspended solids.
  • Improvement of coagulation-flocculation of water.
  • Preparation of the G.A.C. (Granulated Activated Carbon) for the biological elimination of ammonia and dissolved organic substances.

Hi-tech House

Protect what you love the most. Avoid diseases of your family and friends. Live in a hygienic and healthy environment 24 hours a day. Sterilize your home as it is done in operating rooms: eliminating viruses, bacteria, fungi and even bad odors. And not only on the ground: also in your air conditioning ducts and in flight, which are the means by which a multitude of diseases are transmitted. And everything from an app on your phone.

And everything from an app on your phone. FreeVirusHome protects you.


Hi-tech Food

FreeVirusFood designs projects that optimize the extraordinary properties as a disinfectant and deodorizing agent of ozone, due to its zero toxicity and its easy elimination without leaving any residue after application.

The results obtained in an ozonated atmosphere can be summarized as follows:

  • Lack of molds in food and packaging.
  • Longer food preservation.
  • Conservation of the initial weight with a high degree of humidity.
  • Better internal quality.
  • Excellent external appearance.
  • Few losses due to deterioration.
  • Delays fruit ripening by acting by breaking the ethylene molecule through oxidation (it is known that self-generated ethylene activates the metabolism of many vegetables, accelerating their maturation).

Hi-tech Industrial

Preventing own and workers’ risks is an obligation of every good businessman. And establishing healthy environments for people that reduce occupational risks of multiple infections, an inalienable duty.

For this reason, FreeVirusIndustrial creates safe environments 24 hours, in real time, so that optimal hygienic conditions, much healthier, are established in offices, offices, restaurants or large industries, especially in closed air recirculation spaces.

And everything, with a click.

Hi-tech Agriculture

Our FreeVirusAgriculture Division has been implementing ozone projects in agriculture for more than thirty years. Surely you have heard of them: citrus, cereals, vines, all kinds of irrigation …

Do you want to know why? These are some of the reasons …

  • Ozonation is the best and safest disinfecting method.
  • It is odorless and tasteless.
  • He is quick to act.
  • Keeps the water in perfect condition without chemicals.
  • With ozone, water resists temperature variations much better.
  • By injecting ozone into the water, it enriches it with oxygen, essential for plants.
  • All the properties of ozone are ideal to prevent some of the infections that can be contracted by crops, derived from water.

The implementation of FreeVirus Agriculture allows to obtain a significant increase in the quality and production of agricultural land through the use of an environmentally impeccable, biological technology without restrictions and at the same time clean and sustainable without any type of waste.


  • Strength in budding and flowering. Ozone acts as a biostimulant for all types of plants because it facilitates the assimilation of organic matter present in the water and provides oxygen directly to the root of the plants. It has been shown that with ozone the root development is greater, achieving greater strength and greater uniformity in sprouting and flowering, finally advancing the harvest by 2 to 3 weeks.
  • More volume and production. It will not only improve the appearance of the plant (leaves, stems, roots …), but also its fruits. These will complete the maturation cycle in less time than usual and, generally, will present a higher quality and a more uniform, compact and strong caliber. This will result in the collection of more kilos of product with the same effort. The yield of the production increases remarkably, in environments of up to 25% of the same, depending on the type of crop.
  • Disinfects by eliminating microorganisms. FreeVirus Agriculture removes all kinds of viruses, bacteria, fungi, algae and spores from the water. In new seedlings, 100% effectiveness has been achieved with 0 losses per disease. In the case of seedbeds, it has been possible to achieve the elimination of the wireworm by not forming mold and rot.
  • Use of less Fertilizers. In addition to significant savings, around 40% in fertilizers. It manages not to saturate the land allowing a better use of it, which means greater growth and fewer diseases.
  • Quick amortization of the investment. In attention to the adjusted cost of our equipment and the long useful life of the same.

Hi-tech Livestock

Our livestock division is an expert in generating healthy environments that optimize livestock farms. Pig farms, poultry farms and all kinds of livestock farms already know its advantages. Therefore FreeLivestockVirus. guarantee:


  • Maximum meat production and higher quality.
  • Less production cycle time.
  • Greater health and defense against epidemics: none of the ranchers who have installed FreeLivestockVirus. generators have needed to perform treatments on their livestock, in their facilities.
  • Less consumption of medications.

Hi-tech Medical

There is no better bactericide than FreeVirusMedical. And that is why we install it in operating rooms, emergency rooms, clinics of any specialty or in veterinary clinics, sanitizing instruments and creating healthy and safe environments.

And always with specific projects for each installation and its people, guaranteeing the disinfection and sterilization of the environments, and with the rapid elimination of pathogens from the air, thus avoiding the risk of contagion of diseases.

Hi-tech Public Roads and Beaches

Municipalities present a very special problem for the protection of their neighbors: the use of substances that sanitize and deodorize, eliminating viruses, bacteria, fungi and odors from their facilities, public buildings, roads or beaches, without compromising the environment or being able to be harmful to its citizens and visitors. In fact, ozone sanitation certification is becoming an added value to municipalities of all kinds, and especially tourism.

FreeVirusPublicRoadsandBeaches is a clean, ecological and sustainable technology in the broadest sense. These spray treatments eliminate the use of any type of phyto-carcinogen for the elimination of bacteria, fungi, viruses and even, properly used, most insects that can cause damage in the field.

The clearest evidence of the harmlessness of these treatments for humans is that they are applied without any type of restriction, since it is carried out without any type of personal protective equipment and does not even require that the applicators be in possession of the pesticides as none of them are used.

The implementation of FreeVirusPublicRoadsandBeaches allows to obtain a significant increase in the sanitation and cleanliness of facilities and public spaces through the use of impeccable, biological technology that respects the environment without restrictions and, at the same time, is clean and sustainable without any type of waste.

The objective of FreeVirusPublicRoadsandBeaches is to obtain sanitary conditions that are also fully compatible with people and animals in such a way that they never experience any type of discomfort from their application on public roads or annoying interactions with neighbors and walkers. .

In addition, these systems allow its use for the disinfection of traumatic cleaning areas, such as: animal urine, excrement, large bottles or leachate garbage areas.

  • Perfectly sanitized plants free of diseases.
  • A huge reduction in tree mortality and so on.
  • No emission of phytocarcinogenic products.
  • Disappearance of inconvenience to citizens.
  • Elimination of restrictions in gardening work.
  • Ability to perform “clean” traumatic cleanings.
  • Sanitation of municipal offices, beaches, swimming pools, play areas, sports centers, municipal markets, public transport …

Hi-tech Total Clean

Often vehicles, equipment and facilities require periodic sanitation, due to their own characteristics and that of the production systems.

FreeVirusTotalClean generate ozone in an economical and practical way for cleaning pipes, chargers, tanks and all kinds of equipment used in liquid food factories.

Likewise, FreeVirusTotalClean is a production tool that saves thousands of euros in operating expenses and downtime. The superiority of automated ozone CIPs has been widely demonstrated in three main areas:

  1. Faster disinfection due to ozone’s high oxidation power.
  2. Reduction in operating cost.
  3. Reliable and repeatable treatments.

Hi-tech Educational Centers

The health of students, teaching staff and school workers is irreplaceable. That is why FreeVirusEducationalCenters design health projects for kindergartens, academies, schools, institutes and other educational centers, always with specific designs for each facility and the people who use them, guaranteeing disinfection and sterilization of the environments, and with rapid elimination of pathogens from the air, thus avoiding the risk of contagion of diseases.

FreeVirusEducationalCenters protect people who really matter to you.

Hi-tech Wellness

FreeVirusWellness is an essential tool for body care, with immediate results on your skin and hair that will surprise you.

That is why we install our hygienic solutions in wellness centers, beauty clinics and other body care centers, with incredible results.

Trust in FreeVirusWellness caring for your body’s health. Your body will thank you.